Sept. 4th, 2021

It was one of that last super hot summer days. The sun was shining with barely a cloud in the sky. My Mom & I arrived to Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ an hour and a half early to scope out the fields, the light, & see where the other photographers were set up. We found our spot and tried to hide from the sun in the ever receding shade while we waited for our first clients to arrive. And just like that, my first Sunflower Minis were off with a bang!

It was a busy session day with ever slot booked! I got to reconnect with some of my regular families & met a bunch of new families that I'm hoping will become forever clients. It's fun to look back at this fun day as I gear up for my Tree Farm Minis! Check out the photos below for a recap!

Petite girl walking down a sunflower field path at Dalton Farms carrying a basket of flowers

The Ferguson Family

The Fergusons were first up on this beautiful session day & this was their first session with me. Helene found me through a facebook post I did on our town's FB page. The Fergusons were a fun bunch who were so excited to take some updated portraits!

Mom and Dad in focus smiling towards camera in sunflower field while their daughters hug and are out of focus
Family of 4 at Dalton Farms in the sunflower field swing with Mom and Dad kissing and daughters sitting on the swing
Family of 4 posing together in sunflower field in Swedesboro, NJ at Dalton Farms for Helen Merz Photography Mini Session

The Daly Family

This was the Daly Family's first session with me, too! This sweet trio signed up for minis to celebrate their daughter's first birthday. Mini sessions are great for celebrations, milestones, & updated family portraits. It was perfect for Sophia's first birthday!

Mom holding 1 year old daughter in sunflower field touching her nose to her daughter's cheek during Mini Session
Mom and Dad kissing 1 year old daughter in a tractor at Dalton Farms for a Sunflower Field Mini Session with Helen Merz
Mom in yellow flowery dress holding 1 year old daughter in white dress with husband in blue shirt in a sunflower field
Father kissing 1 year old daughter's cheek while at Helen Merz Photography's Sunflower Field Minis Dalton Farms, NJ

The Cullen Family

Christina found out about my Sunflower Minis because her sister, Jessica (above), signed up for minis. I love sisters! Being one myself, I understand wanting to coordinate photos with each other. The Cullens were such a fun bunch to photograph & this was also their first session with me! I love a family who embraces my antics like making silly faces. The aftermath of those photos create some really genuine smiles. Their youngest, Bridget, was also celebrating her first birthday!!

Family of 5 sitting on swing making silly faces at the camera during Mini Session at Dalton Farms with Helen Merz Photo
Family of 5 seated on swing in Dalton Farms' Sun Flower Field during Mini session with Helen Merz Photography
1 year old sitting in blue dress gesturing during Sunflower Field Minis with Helen Merz Photography
Baby girl in blue dress with yellow bow sits in flower field with 1 banner held above her head during Mini Session

The Spitalieri Family

The Spitalieri Family are my cousins & Julianne has booked a bunch of sessions with me this year! It's always great to see them & hang out with their little ones. It's incredible to see the growth of Sal, Mia, & Gabby. Looking back to our first session this spring it's crazy to see how fast they're growing. Gabby & Mia always bring their fierce selves & I love them for it. This time we incorporated marshmallows (I tip I found on IG) as treats for smiling at the camera. How cute are these babies? The answer is incredibly!

The Kovarovic Family

This was the Kovarovic Family's second session with me! They attended my Sunset Beach Minis this summer for RJ's 3rd birthday celebration. It was so great to see them again! RJ is so adventurous climbing over sunflower stalks & Mila is such a cutie. I can't wait to document more of this family as the years go on.

Brother & sister sitting in the dirt of a sunflower field at Dalton Farms for Helen Merz Photography mini
Family of four sitting on swing in sunflower field at Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ
Brother and sister sitting on the ground in front of a flower field during a mini session in NJ
Family of four sitting on a tractor in front of a sunflower field at Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ

Fran, Shannon, & Lilly

Shannon & I grew up in the same town & went to the same school. I was reconnected with her during her nieces' 5th birthday session in August. I was over the MOON when Shannon expressed interest in coming to my sunflower minis. Lilly, Fran, & Shannon have so much fun together & I love capturing all of their laughs. It makes my heart so happy.

Family of three dressed in black sitting on a swing in front of a sunflower field at Dalton Farms
Little girl dressed in sunflower dress on a tractor wagon smiling towards the camera during Sunflower Field Minis

The Crowley Family

If you're new to my business you'll soon find out that the Crowley's are my sister & her family. Their first daughter Norah Grace is part of the reason that I now have my business! You'll notice that they will be on my Field Notes often because I'm always taking photographs of them. This mini session was for Norah's 5th birthday. I can't believe how big she is now & how much spunk she has. I'm so excited to take more photographs of this incredible family & see how they grow over the years.

Small girl in a blue dress walking down the sunflower field with a basket full of flowers
Small girl in a blue dress smiling at the camera holding a basket of flowers at Dalton Farms during a mini session
Little girl on a swing in front of a sunflower field at Dalton Farms for Helen Merz Photography's Mini Session
Little girl in blue flower dress holding a sunflower smiling at the camera for Helen Merz Photography's Mini Session
Mom holding her two daughters in a sunflower field at Dalton Farms for Helen Merz Photography's Minis
Family of four walking down an aisle of sunflowers at Dalton Farms for Helen Merz Photography's Sunflower Field Minis NJ
Family of four snuggled together standing smiling towards camera in a sunflower field at Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ

Sunflower minis took place over Labor Day weekend 2021. We had an amazing time at Dalton Farms & will be back next year.

Interested in a mini session? They are my most affordable option to get updated family photographs & happen all over New Jersey. Keep an eye on my IG for the announcement of my Tree Farm Minis happening at the end of October.