Spring 2022

Stevia's Maternity

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Alethea & Stevie at FDR Park's Boathouse to photograph them before their lives change forever. It was a warm April morning & I came bearing Dunkin' iced coffee, hot chocolate, & donuts to kick off the session. We chatted for a bit catching up on everything that's gone on in our lives since we last saw each other. It was a fantastic way to start a session.

Alethea & I used to work together. We recently met up for brunch at Hawthorne's & talked for 2+ hours. Afterwards we both facepalmed 🤦‍♀️ because neither of us talked about capturing this special time in Alethea & Stevie's relationship. They're about to become parents!! This baby will be their first child together & it's been a long time coming.

Scroll to see images from their session & get an idea of the experience I bring to each of my expecting couples.

Husband and Wife posed smiling at camera in FDR's Boathouse during Maternity session in Philly
Expecting parents posing smiling at each other during Maternity session at FDR's Boathouse with Helen Merz Photography

FDR Boathouse

Before Alethea & Stevie arrived, I scouted a couple of locations in FDR Park, Philadelphia that were perfect for our time together. We started in the boathouse. This location provided stone textures & some of the lake behind them.

We ran through a few different poses & this location gave them a nice private space to get comfortable in front of the camera. It also gave me a chance to get as goofy as possible to bring out genuine smiles & laughs. Alethea & Stevie were naturals. They fell into poses with ease & grace.

Expecting mom and dad with hands on women's pregnant belly smiling at camera in Philly's FDR Park Boathouse
Expecting parents seated snuggling during Maternity session with Helen Merz Photography in Philly
Husband and wife seated snuggling smiling at camera in front of lake in FDR Park during session with Helen Merz Photo

Momma's Time to Shine

With every Maternity session, I like to spend a decent amount of time capturing the Momma-to-be. It's such an intimate experience carrying a child. I want to make sure mom & baby get extra special attention with photos of their own.

The years will fly by faster than any of us want them to, so it's important to me to capture this particular moment in your family's journey.

Pregnant momma under tree with purple flowers holding belly smiling during Maternity session with Helen Merz Photography
Smiling Momma holding her belly in front of FDR Park's Lake during Philadelphia Maternity Session
Momma holding her pregnant belly smiling at camera during session with Helen Merz Photography in Philadelphia
Husband kissing wife's cheek while holding her pregnant belly during Philly Maternity photoshoot
Expecting parents place hands on mom's belly in the shape of a heart during Maternity session with Helen Merz Photo
Close up of parents hands creating a heart on pregnant woman's belly during Philly Maternity Shoot

A Moment of Meditation

At the end of every Maternity session, I bring all of my energy down. I ask my expecting parents to take a deep cleansing breath. Then I ask them to channel their energy & thoughts to the baby. I ask them to think about what they hope & dream for this baby. I ask them to meditate on what they want this baby to know.

I love ending Maternity sessions this way because it's a great way for the family to focus on the most important thing: a new life is about to join them. I want that being to feel all of that love & positive energy radiating to them from the world we are in to the inner world they're living in.

I also take that moment to meditate my wish for the baby. To baby Stevia: you're already so incredibly loved & you have some of the best parents around.


Helen M.

Expecting parents meditating best wishes to baby during Maternity shoot with Helen Merz Photography