Spring 2022

Tulip Field Minis

This April was the second year I visited Dalton Farms to capture clients in their gorgeous Tulip Fields. In 2021, I visited the farm for the first time for my cousin's kids' birthday photo shoot. After that I knew that I wanted to come back & host a slew of mini sessions. Then, I blinked and we were 1/4 of the way through 2022. I quickly came up with a game plan & blasted out the information on my social media channels. Less than 3 days later every single slot was booked! Below are the sneak peeks from the day.

A Mother's Day Gift

Jess is a long standing client & one of my first "official" clients. She reached out even before I had the idea to do tulip field minis wanting to get photographs with her son, Carter, & her Momma, Geri. She wanted it to be an early Mother's Day Gift.

Once my plan came together for this set of minis, she was the first person I reached out to. It was the least I could do for her loyalty to my small business. So, we were able to kick off minis with these 3.

Carter did not want to take photos (much like his Dad 😉 ), but we capture some great moments regardless.

Long Time Follower, First Time Client

Carla found me on Instagram. She follows Downtown Cookies, a local staple in Haddonfield, NJ. In 2021, I did a few branding sessions for Downtown Cookies & Carla saw I was tagged in a few posts of theirs. She saw my work & fell in love. She was on the look out for a local photographer.

When we saw that I was offering Spring Mini sessions, she didn't hesitate in reaching out. Her kids, Teddy & Josie, were full of energy! I couldn't get enough of them.

It was so fun prompting this family into poses & capturing the adorable moments that came out of them.

Sister, Sister

Julie reached out via Instagram when she saw my posts about Spring Minis. She really wanted to capture her daughters, Cora & Jolene. These sisters were as sweet as can be. It was so much fun getting Jolene to smile & we even captured an HMP signature pose -- toss the baby (see below).

Cora has all the spunk. Her cowgirl boots were the perfect touch for her personality & style.

It was so wonderful to meet another new family!

My Bestie's Family

My bestie, Sam, & her hubby, David, have the most adorable little boy named Noah. They got settled on the blanket & this kid had an opened mouth giant smile on his face the ENTIRE time.

Noah is one of the happiest babes I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. He is so loved by his tribe. Can you get over his squishy little face ?! (see below)

Cute Little Bunnies

Jack, Taylor, & Cassidy are neighbors to my cousins. Their Momma loved all of the photographs I've taken of my cousins' kiddos & wanted to hire me to capture her kiddos.

We finally were able to meet & I couldn't be happier for this referral. These three were absolute joys to instruct. Take a look at how well they listened when I asked them to tell me what the flowers smelled like 😊

I even got a giggle out of Taylor (see left most photo below). I love how gentle Cassidy is being while making sure her entire nose is in that tulip. Jack was also very focused on smelling the tulips. Such great kids ❤️

The Ferguson's Return

Helene found me on FB last year & signed up for my sunflower field minis. When she saw I was hosting mini in the Tulip Fields at Dalton Farms, she signed up immediately. She was so excited to return because they had a wonderful experience last year.

I love this family. Sadie & CC are total hams in front of the camera. Helene & Ian also embrace goofy, fun portraits, too. I can't get enough of this bunch. They always have the most fun together!