May 13, 2022


I just finished putting the last touches on Ashley + Andrew's Leather Heirloom Highlight Album & realized that I have yet to blog about their wedding! I'm not sure about any other photographers in the New Jersey & Philadelphia areas, but this Spring & Summer are FLYING by. This is all great, but I want to make sure I show everyone love on the blog. And show all of the internet the completed photographs because c'mon, I know you're here to look at all of the amazing moments captured.

So let's rewind, to a rather warm May day. May 13th to be exact. During this particular time in my life, I was getting up at 4am & crashing around 9pm. So the morning of Ashley + Andrew's wedding I was up in the hotel lobby editing a different clients gallery. Then around 8am, Ian joined me for breakfast & then I did a 45 minute yoga routine on Apple Fitness+. Then, I check my Godox Flashes to test out setting in the hotel room in prep for the reception later that evening. Double checked all of my gear, battery levels, reformatted cards, & packed all of my stuff strategically. Went over my exceptions of Ian (he was my handy assistant for the day!). Then I got ready & we departed to find a Panera for lunch.

We arrived at The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake in Reeders, PA. We were greeted by my sister, Jenn, who flew in from Colorado. She was waiting by the door to say "Hi" for the first time in almost a year. Then, we hurried into the bustling Bridal Suite to scream & squeal with Ashley (my cousin) about how in a matter of hours she would be marrying Andrew! It's wild to stop & remember that we were once kids creating stick structures in our Grandparents' Pocono Cabin Yard, screaming at the bat that came in from the fireplace, or riding rides at the town fair. Flash forward to us as grown women on our wedding days. 😭

The day went by flawlessly. They included so many friends & family in their special day. Beyond their bridal party, they had their parents & relatives each bring a portion of ribbon for their Hand-Binding Ceremony to symbolize each part of them becoming one. They had their cousin (my step sister), Camille Peruto, perform live music during their cocktail hour. (Side note: If you've never seen her play & you're in the Jersey area, go see her ASAP!) They asked Ashley's Aunt Wendy to be a Flower Matron (more of this trend PLEASE!). Growing up with Ashley & now being able to capture this huge moment in her life for her & Andrew was truly an honor. I was so grateful when they asked me to capture their engagement photograph. And even more blown away when they asked if I would photograph their wedding! At this point, I had no plans of photographing weddings. But this was the push I needed to see how truly wonderful it is to capture someone's special day. Thank you times a million, Ash + Andrew!

The rain held out just long enough for them to run down the aisle as Husband & Wife. The couple pivoted the entire cocktail party indoors seamlessly. And the rest of the night was a blast! The speeches were incredible & the dancing was awesome. We even had a blast at the sparkler exit!! Just look at the joy radiating on their faces. If I could go back, I capture this day over & over.

To the happy couple, I wish you a lifetime of adventures together!


Helen M.