Spring 2022

Saba Spring Cape May Vacation

This April, I kicked off my first beach session with a returning client. Chantal texted me this winter about their Spring Break vacation to Cape May, NJ. She let me know her family was returning to the area again & wanted to book another session with me. Last year, Chantal found me via an instagram hashtag. I remember we had the most amazing time & this year was the same experience!!

When they arrived on the the beach they were a happy, excited bunch! They also came bearing another gift for me. Last year, they gifted me camera socks which I absolutely love. This year they gifted me a glass from their hometown in Maryland. It was super awesome.

Scroll down to take a look at their photographs from this incredible sunset beach session.

Family of 5 snuggled on blanket on the Cape May Beach having an intimate moment talking to each other during a session
Close up photograph of Mom and her kids on Cape May beach during a South Jersey Vacation Photo Session

Meet Marco, Catarina, & Luca

I had so much fun running around the beach at sunset with these three kiddos. I found out a little more about what each of them were up to.

Marco is now a golfer. He really enjoys it. He told me he went with his dad & found out that his short game is really strong. Marco told me that he has to work on his long game. I can't wait to hear more about how his game progresses as he keeps playing & practicing.

Catarina told me all about her cheerleading team. They recently placed second in a competition. She was excited to show me poses & her favorite cheerleading jumps.

Luca was super into the seashells on the beach. We listened to a few of them & chased the incoming waves. We made sure to keep a couple of shells in his pockets in order to keep him happy. Although he was a bit camera shy, I was able to sneak a few incredible photos of him.

Siblings standing with their backs to the Atlantic Ocean during sunset session with Helen Merz Photography
Oldest boy standing by the ocean at sunset in Cape May during Spring Break Photo Session
Young girls with her hand on her hip and pearl headband smiling during nj beach vacation session
Young boy holding sea shell smiling at camera during deluxe session with Helen Merz Photography

Belly Button to Belly Button

Chantal & Miguel started laughing when I cued them to stand belly button to belly button. They remembered that they found this pose hilarious last year. We were all laughing during this set up & during my shutter clicks. But what a great way to get natural smiles from them.

Aren't they just the best looking couple?! How am I so lucky to find such incredible clients?? I am truly blesses.

Chantal, Miguel, Marco, Catarina, & Luca - Thank you so much for hiring me again & for having such an amazing time with me on the beach. I loved how you watched me leave from your beach house porch & said good bye to me as I walked to my car. I can't wait for next year's session!!


Helen M.

Husband and wife embraced smiling during sunset Cape May session with Helen Merz Photography
Overhead shot of three siblings laying on blanket during south jersey sunset beach session
Brother standing hugging during sunset Cape May spring break session
Family of 5 standing posed on Cape May New Jersey beach during Spring Break Session with HMP
Family of 5 walking hand in hand along Cape May ocean during sunset with Helen Merz Photography