I know, I know. You're probably thinking...

...what in the world is Helen talking about? Goats? Where will they be? How does she know they're on their way? Is she photographing them? What the heck?

🥁 🥁 🥁

I'm pleased to announce that I am one of the proud business sponsors for Saddler's Woods Operation Goat Munch happening this May.

I was so over the moon excited when I saw Neabore Veterinary Clinic's (who, by the way, is The Corniowsky Pup's vet) instagram post about Operation Goat Munch. I had to throw my name in the ring to donate photography services to this endeavor immediately. This initiative hit what I love to do personally, which is exploring nature. It also hit home with what I strive to do with my business, which is elevate local businesses and non-profits through photography. It was the perfect chance to get out into the community, meet some new people, and come out of winter with a new story to capture.

Janet, the Executive Director of the Saddler's Woods Conservation Association, reached out explaining how the association came to be and how she was one of the first citizens to take necessary steps to preserve Saddler's Woods in Haddon Township, NJ. One of the biggest challenges Janet & her board face is bringing attention to the woods. Many people don't know that this hidden gem is home to 25 acres of woods. I cannot wait to document the woods before, during, and after Operation Goat Munch and help raise awareness during the process.

If you are one of the lucky few who know this natural solace exists, you'll notice that there are many invasive plants taking over the woods. English ivy, garlic mustard, and poison ivy smother grand old trees and blanket the forest floor making it hard for native plants to grow and for visitors to safely walk the trails. In order to stay ahead of the growth GOATS ARE COMING TO HADDON TOWNSHIP! 🐐 They're going to be a major help by eating these invasive plants.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! The goats will arrive on Saturday May 21st (Sunday May 22nd is the rain date). They will stay for 10 days and graze during the peak of the growth season. Janet and the board are planning a welcome party and EVERYONE is invited. So come one & come all! It's going to an amazing community event.

Before the goats 🐐 can make their journey to our neighborhood, Saddler's Woods Conservation Association needs donations to raise the money to bring them here. There are a few ways to donate monetarily. If you're sending a check, please mail it to Saddler's Woods Conservation Association, PO Box 189, Oaklyn, NJ 08107. You can make an online payment via their website here or send payment through Venmo (SADDLERS-WOODS). You can also purchase supplies off of their Amazon Wishlist Here. Want to lend a hand even further? They're also looking for volunteers. For more information, check out the flyer below.

I don't know about you, but I just cant wait to welcome the goats. This is like a Stars Hollow Event come to life in Haddon Township (Gilmore Girls fans I'm looking at you.)

Follow me on Instagram for more updates and check back as we get closer for more Field Notes Posts.

But, I hope you do more than just follow along online. Let's meet up in person and give these goats 🐐 the welcoming celebration they deserve!