First Year 2022

Are you having a baby this year?

YAY! 🎉 👶 🍼

If so, you're probably preparing for an exciting, challenging, life changing year ahead! Maybe you have the nursery all completed or maybe you haven't started yet. You could have a name all picked out or you're waiting to meet your new bundle of joy before deciding what they'll be called. Either way, it's a fantastic time to fine a photographer that will walk by your side as your family grows throughout the years. The first step is to consider a First Year package with Helen Merz Photography.

That's where I come in! As you may know already, documenting family stories is very near & dear to my heart. I've been photographing different members of my family since 2014. I've documented Norah's entire first year (that's my eldest niece for those that are new here 😊 ). We're all so grateful to have those images of when she was a tiny baby because now she's approaching 6 years old (can we pause time please?! I have no idea how she's almost 6). I can barely remember what she was like as little baby. I'm consumed by the little girl that sparkles right in front of my eyes. I try to be 100% present whenever I'm with her, which makes it hard to recall the memories of her not in this moment. If that describes my experience as an Auntie, I can only imagine how quickly life goes by when you're a parent of a little one. That's why it's so important to work with a photographer like me! You'll want to look back at your children at all the different stages of their life. It's going to go by so incredibly fast. That thought hurts my soul as I'm sure it does yours. That's why I am so happy to be able to ease that ache by providing unforgetable experiences & images that capture you & your family as they are right in this moment.

So, what exactly is included in a First Year Package?

Fantastic question! My First Year Package includes:

4 Pre-Session Phone Calls 2 weeks before each Session

2 hour Lifestyle Newborn Session

1 hour 6 Month Session

1 hour 1 Year Lifestyle Session

1 Hour Cake Smash Session

8x8 15-spread (30 page) Leather Heirloom Album

An Online Viewing Gallery

How do I schedule each session?

Don't worry about a thing, love. I'll handle all of the coordination, planning, & scheduling.

I prefer to schedule newborn sessions within the first 13 days of the baby's life. Around day 14 babies go through their first leap. During this leap they sleep less, are more alert & active. If scheduling during this time is too stressful for you, do not worry. Newborn sessions can be scheduled within the first 3 months as well. My newborn sessions have two parts to them. The first part is capturing the family with the new baby. The second part is swaddling the baby & capturing individual portraits on a white background that I set up in your home. This provides an all encompassing session that ensures getting even the smallest details.

Once the baby is born, I'll provide you with dates & times that align with your baby's 6 month milestone. 6 month sessions typically take place in a local park & follow a similar cadence as the newborn session. I'll make sure to get a variety of family shots as well as individual portrait shots of your baby.

About 2 months before your baby's first birthday, I'll reach out to schedule their first year sessions. I like to split the first year lifestyle session & the cake smash session. 2 hours for a 1 year old is just too long. Doing it this way will help us get adorable smiles during family portraits & during the cake smash. It allows us not to overload baby.

How do I view my photographs from each session?

During this entire time, I will update your gallery with the edited images from each session. You'll be able to access the online viewing gallery at any time and share via social media!

What are the next steps to moving forward with a First Year Package?

AWESOME! I canNOT wait to meet you. Please fill out the form below to get into my system. I will respond scheduling an inquiry call within 72 hours of receiving your inquiry. I can't wait to hear all about your family as well as your hopes & dreams for this session.