June 12, 2022

Lucy & Mo are having a baby!

Lucy & Mo traveled back east to celebrate mine & Ian's wedding. So, I capitalized on my besties finally being in the same time zone & grabbed some amazing Maternity photographs of them down in Haddon Heights Park, NJ.

Lucy & Mo are some of my most favorite people. We've spent nights camping, days hiking, weekends skiing, & evenings board gaming. They even got us to experience holiday goose one time out in Philly. They're my inspiration when it comes to backpacking, moving across the country, pivoting to knew careers, & tackling challenges & triumphs head on as a unity front. They're just some of the most kind, empathetic, caring, soulful, knowledge people I know. It was deeply moving to capture their essences within their Maternity session.

At the end of every session, I ask the couple to meditate what they want their baby to know. The photos from that moment always come out so great. Take a peek!


Helen M.