Aprill 2022

Gabby & Mia turn 3!

The day of Gabby & Mia's 3rd birthday session was a beautiful Saturday morning. Creamy Acres was pretty quiet that Saturday, which meant that we wouldn't have to worry about strangers being in the background of their photographs & we had plenty of time to capture this fun time.

Gabby & Mia always make me work extra hard for their smiles. Which I do not mind one bit. I love capturing their individual personalities. They have such sass & I hope that never ever changes. This year, we captured some of the biggest smiles for these little ladies. We even captured a their big hug & fall down.

A few weekends after this session, they chatted up a storm & told me all about their upcoming birthday party. They asked me what color my car was & where it was. Then, they proceeded to tell me that Mommy's car was gray, too, but Daddy drives a black truck.

Take a look at their adorable birthday session below.