May 2022

Michaella turns 1!

The day of Michaella's first first birthday session was after a week long rain storm here in New Jersey. We planned to take photographs amongst the tulip fields at Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ. I came prepared with multiple clear shower curtains for my clients to walk on & to put underneath of any blanket. Everyone was going to stay as dry & mud free as I could make it. Unfortunately, we were going through a cold snap, too! It was about 50 degrees, which was very surprising seeing as it was 70+ degrees in 2021 when I visited Dalton Farms tulip field for a birthday session. Man, did I feel awful. I have never wished harder for a studio space than in that moment (keep that in mind universe ✨ ). Needless to say, we made the absolute best of our time together at Dalton Farms. I captured some incredible photographs, but felt like the entire experience wasn't what I wanted to provide to my cousin & her amazing family.

So, I offered up another date in a few weeks & prayed for warmer weather. Boy did the universe answer my prayers. We had a beautiful day in Washington Lake Park. We were able to redo the entire session & get all of the photographs my clients were dreaming of. Now, that felt much better. I was able to love & serve them to my fullest potential.

Check out the images from both session below. How cute is Michaella & her big brother Josh? INSANELY CUTE! I know!

Family of four seated in tulip field at Dalton Farms during birthday session
Family of four on a blanket in Dalton Farms tulip field during a session with Helen Merz Photography
Birthday girl screaming in happiness towards camera during session in South Jersey
Momma with her kids on a blanket during photo session at Dalton Farms
Mom with her 1 year old daughter seated in the tulip fields of New Jersey
1 year old girl laying on her back with tutu over face during a birthday session with Helen Merz Photography
1 year old girl seated on blanket with a 1 sign behind her in a the tulip fields of South Jersey
Dad gently tossing 1 year daughter towards the blue sky during Helen Merz Photography session