February 24th, 2023

RECAP: Scream Band Philly Returns to the stage a decade after last performance

My husband, Ian, is a musical savant. There I said it! He has raw musical talent that many never see in their every day life. For as long as I've known him (12+ years), his life-long dream is to be a performer. However, like many dreamers, this took a back seat to financial freedom and stability for himself and his family.

Cut to the pandemic and everyone re-evaluating their lives. This business was born during that time and Ian's love of music came back again. The first step was purchasing an electric drum kit and teaching himself to play. Then, he wanted to join a band as a bassist. So the next musical purchase was a bass. And off he went teaching himself that instrument, too. He joined several bands before finding his place with SCREAM.

After a few short months practicing, the band was ready for their first live performance. Thing was this was the first time this band was playing live in nearly a decade. The band was made up of 3 original bandmates, Joe Fanelli, Anthony LIberto, and Danny Nogowsky. Ian Cornelius (hubby) and Jeni Iacono were added the to the trio to round out this cover band.

Their premier was on February 24th (the day after my birthday 🥳 ) at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Port Richmond, Philadelphia.

Their schedule is filling up! Make sure you check them out this summer at one of their many shows. For more information head on over to their website, booking information, and to join their email list.


Helen M.