Are you vacationing at the Jersey Shore?

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If you're anything like my family, you vacation down the at the Jersey shore every year. It's a time to relax, soak up the sun, & get in the ocean. If this is an annual tradition for you, you should consider memorializing it with my Deluxe Session. Sunset Beach Vacation photographs are some of the most beautiful photographs. Especially when the sun hits just so. It's perfect for families of all shapes & sizes.

I started photographing families down at the shore in 2017 for Norah's First Birthday (see photograph below). Since then, I've made it a point to get photographs of her & my sister's family ever year. Can you believe the difference in a few short years?

Norah's First Birthday

When the Crowley family only had 3 members and their first little babes turned 1.

Norah's 5th Birthday

Now, the Crowley Family has 4 members, their first babes turned 5 & their second babe was almost 1.

So, what exactly is included in you Deluxe Session Package?

Fantastic question! My Deluxe Session Package includes:

15 min pre-session phone consultation

1 hour session at sunset within 1 hour of 08035

8x8 10-spread linen album

Online viewing gallery of edited photographs

Digital image downloads of any photo included in your album

How do I book you as my vacation photographer?

Don't worry about a thing, love. Once you fill out the inquiry form, you're in my system. I will reach out & schedule an inquiry call. Then, if I'm available for your vacation & I feel like we're a good fit for each other, I'll send through a proposal.

Please note that the Deluxe Session can only be booked during the week & I have limited availability left for July, August, & September. If you're staying further than 1 hour from 08035, an additional travel fee will apply.

How do I view my photographs?

When your photographs are all edited & ready to view, I will send you an email with your gallery link. You will be able to view all of the best edited imaged & select your favorites that will then be included in your linen album.

Once your album design is approved & your album order is submitted, you will receive a download code for the images that were included in your album. You will have the ability to upgrade to download your entire gallery for an additional charge if you'd like the additional photographs.

What are the next steps to moving forward with HMP's Deluxe Session Package?

AWESOME! I canNOT wait to meet you & hear all about your vacation traditions. Please fill out the form below to get into my system. I will respond scheduling an inquiry call within 72 hours of receiving your inquiry.


Helen M.